An approach to total well-being that is beneficial to all, including those with restrictions.

Mat Pilates with Imy Rich

Pilates is an approach to total well-being. Contrology, as it was known in the early 20th century, when developed by Joseph Pilates, was designed as a method of conditioning for men. Those of us that practice Pilates in the 21st century have discovered that it is beneficial to all, including those that have restrictions.

The principles of Pilates include breath, concentration, center, control, precision, and flow. Pilates works the entire body with emphasis on the powerhouse (core). There are many modifications that can be done to increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercises.

During this beginners class we will be concentrating on the breath, strengthening the powerhouse, lengthening, supporting, protecting the body, and flexibility.

Gilpin County Community Center

By appointment.

Please contact Imy Rich to schedule.

  Fee: See the Gilpin Recreation site for current rates and punch card options.

7 Healing Stars in Black Hawk

By appointment.

Please contact Imy Rich to schedule.

Fee: $10 per student. Family discounts are available.

Location: 460 Gregory Street. It’s the small orange brick building closest to the Red Dolly casino. Map

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